Certified Bonnie Prudden Master Myotherapist and Exercise Therapist
Licensed Massage Practitioner & Exercise Therapist With Over 30 Years Experience

. PHONE: 360-907-5537
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Henry Sloan is presently the only Bonnie Prudden Myotherapist who is practicing in the Vancouver, Washington area. He went through the Bonnie Prudden training (which is three times the hours of regular massage training). Henry has over 30 years experience in a wide range of breakthrough techniques for pain reduction and restoring range of movement.

Henry has 1400 hours of original training under Bonnie Prudden, with over 40 hours of training for recertification every two years. In addition, he has adapted hundreds of techniques from working with a great variety of clients over the past 30 years.

What is Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy?

Developed by world renowned fitness and pain authority Bonnie Prudden in the 1970’s, it involves pressure held on sensitive points called trigger points.

Trigger points are worked along anatomic lines of muscles to relieve muscle spasm. Her techniques are among the best, most profound and effective in the world for removing pain and restoring range of motion.

Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy can produce substantial and even dramatic results by directly changing the thresholds whereby trigger points fire to produce pain. Pressure on trigger points for seven seconds deactivates trigger points, lengthens the muscles along anatomical lines, thus reversing the pain spasm cycle. This action restores a higher and higher percentage of muscle fibers and returns them to more normal function.

This therapy speeds muscle recovery. Clear examples are accelerated healing from sprains, strains and muscle pulls. Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy enhances muscle rehabilitation and addresses many of the roots of myofascial pain. Her exercises help program muscles to return to normal function.

This all speeds recovery at faster than traditional rates. This method has proven world renowned effectiveness since the 1970's.

Please see our DETAILS PAGE for additional examples of conditions that respond well to Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy.

There is real hope for anyone who suffers from pain. We encourage you to contact Henry Sloan at the phone number or email address above to make an appointment for a consultation soon!

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